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Cirie Tiffany Fields is an Original Traitor and the Winner of The Traitors (US)/Season 1.

A four-time Survivor alumni known as one of its best players to never win, Cirie's social prowess and strategic mind was well-known to her fellow contestants. She put those talents to use when selected to be a Traitor; despite her pre-existing reputation, she quickly made many allies who trusted her throughout the game, protecting them and ensuring they mostly made it far. She laid low, making moves primarily when she specifically needed things to go in her favour. Her acumen for social strategy also allowed her to correctly judge the right time to sever allies - including other Traitors. In the endgame, Cirie secured a solo victory by painting fellow Traitor Arie Luyendyk Jr. into a corner, and making the final three with two Faithfuls who trusted her completely.


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Cirie Fields is a mother of 3, a nurse and reality TV personality. She is a fan favourite 4 time Survivor legend having competed on Panama, Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, and Game Changers. Cirie also appeared on Snake in the Grass, Guiding Light, and The Price Is Right.[1]


Cirie was enthusiastic about being selected by Alan Cumming as a Traitor, knowing she had the skillset required to go the distance in-game with the role. She was excited upon seeing fellow Traitor and reality TV alumni Cody Calafiore at Traitors' Tower, though less enthused about Christian de la Torre being a potential loose cannon. During the early phases of the game, she was content with letting Christian and Cody steer the decisions on who to Murder, especially letting Christian cut his ally Bam Nieves in order to cast suspicion off him.

In the meantime, she had formed close social bonds with many of the civilian contestants, including Andie Thurmond and Quentin Jiles. This connection would later prove critical during the endgame phase, with Andie - an all-but-confirmed Faithful - as an influential ally who deflected suspicions from those close to them. She also had strong connections with many of the reality TV veterans such as Rachel Reilly and Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick, who were not just long-time friends with Cirie, but even participated in another reality series titled Snake in the Grass with her just months before (though this was not mentioned on-camera). However, she was warier of the Bravo celebrities, who were savvier and more prone to speaking their minds. Aware that she was a target for Brandi Glanville, she took advantage of the animosity the latter generated and cast a crucial vote to Banish her.

Cirie first intervened against her fellow Traitors when Cody proposed Murdering her ally Rachel: she calmly flipped the script on him and suggested the group Murder Ryan Lochte, whom she observed becoming increasingly close to Cody, even insinuating that Cody and Ryan had a pre-game agreement. Cody grew flustered but eventually agreed to the proposal in order to prove his allegiance; however, he began to unravel as a consequence and display suspect behaviour, such as making up an apparently false story about Ryan. He eventually became too much of a liability, and when the Banishment vote was between him and Rachel, she and Christian again cast critical votes to ensure Cody left. In the meantime, she also managed to have Kyle Cooke - another savvy Bravo celebrity increasingly suspicious of her - Banished by telling him that his name was being thrown around and amping up his paranoia. He left over Kate Chastain, whom the Traitors kept around as a huge distraction to the Faithful.

The late game saw Cirie being increasingly forced to Banish or Murder contestants she was close to in order to go along with the majority, such as Shelbe Rodriguez, Rachel and Stephenie. However, she had set up multiple pathways to potentially win at this point, and still retained key allies in Andie and Quentin for the endgame. She and Christian also decided to Recruit Arie Luyendyk Jr., who was playing solidly under the radar, as a Traitor. Cirie then allied with Arie to Banish the increasingly overconfident Christian, despite the latter's attempt to start planting seeds against them first.

Although Cirie initially agreed to go to the end with Arie and split the prize fund with him, she later surmised that as a late recruit, he had not done as much to deserve the prize fund. She banded together with Andie and Quentin to solidify a final three alliance and Banish Kate; and while the others voted to end the game at the Fire of Truth, she cast a lone vote to banish again, intending to eliminate Arie. Arie decided to Walk rather than be obviously Banished, attempting to hint at Cirie's true identity to the others - but without avail. Andie and Quentin, believing in their personal connections with Cirie, trusted her so much that they elected to end the game in hopes the three of them would split the money. Cirie eventually revealed her true role to the pair, winning all the prize fund for being the sole Traitor standing. Alan even remarked while congratulating Cirie that she had the best poker face he had ever seen.

Game History[]

Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6-7 7 8 9-10 10 Winner: Episode 10
Traitors' Decision Chosen with Christian & Cody Murder Reza Murder Bam Murder Azra Murder Ryan Put Anjelica, Kate & Rachel On Trial Murder Anjelica Recruit Arie
Murder Stephenie N.A.
Armoury Visit N.A.
No No No N.A.
Banishment Vote No Vote
Geraldine Brandi Kate Kyle Cody Shelbe Rachel Christian Kate Banish Again End Game
Voted With Group? Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Votes Received - - - - - - - - - N.A.


  • Cirie shared in post-game interviews that she had reconciled with Andie and Arie, although a few tense words were still exchanged at the reunion, filmed close to a year after the original production.
  • Cirie also revealed that she had not spent the prize money yet, although she was still planning to buy a house for her mother.
  • On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Cirie called Arie and Quentin out for their behaviour at the reunion. She also gave Christian's performance as a Traitor a D- grade.[2]
  • Cirie participated in Big Brother 25 as a 'surprise' 17th HouseGuest, competing alongside her son Jared. She placed 5th out of 17, and served on the Jury that season.[3]
  • Cirie made a guest appearance on the American television soap opera named The Bold and the Beautiful, playing the character of "Dr. Martin".[4]


  • Cirie is the first original Traitor in the international franchise to achieve a solo win.
    • Cirie is also the first original Traitor to make it to the end of the game (and win) with no votes cast against them.
  • Cirie is the highest-placing reality TV celebrity in her season.
  • Cirie is the first contestant to win The Traitors (US).
  • Cirie was in a day one alliance with Andie and Quentin, as they happened to sit next to each other on the train journey to Ardross Castle. However, this was before the show 'officially' opening with contestants arriving by car at the castle, and thus not shown.
  • Some of Cirie's Episode 10 confessionals were clearly filmed in post-production, with her image superimposed onto the castle's setup.
  • Cirie revealed that if she could have Recruited any contestant to be a Traitor, it would have been Reza Farahan.
  • Cirie entered the game with an informal alliance with Rachel Reilly and Stephenie LaGrossa Kendrick, as they had just competed together in December 2021 on Snake in the Grass (with Janelle Pierzina). She and the others correctly identified Stephenie as the Snake to win the episode.[5]


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